Happiness, Heartaches, and Everything in between

Words are my weapons of choice to fight the demons of life.

Appearance Never Triumphed over Intelligence.

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Keeping the faith.

Maybe my foundation in faith isn’t as strong as I thought because when calamities like this happen, I have trouble keeping the faith. When chaos consumes, I have trouble holding on to hope… Holding on to a greater power.

I have trouble understanding why a higher power would allow innocent lives to be lost.

That will never make sense to me.

👀👀 Here’s a slight sneak peek of what’s to come in my newest poetry video “This Morning”


late nights.

I held myself back for you 

… that’s not love. 

We shared sleep once.

It wasn’t for long.

We were so entranced by each other that our eyes were too busy playing freeze tag to rest. Afraid that the moment would lapse, we silently agreed upon a game of cat and mouse from sleep. 

When we finally gave in, her fingertips traced my skin, unearthing cataclysmic quakes in my breath. My heartbeat ricocheted off my ribs, threatening to leak the secrets of my sentiments. 

Her hands familiarized themselves with the grooves and ditches of my plateau revealing her intentions of endless archeologist digs into my depths.
Her palm found a resting place just above the surface of my core, my heart.
Her head followed suit, unwinding with my hearts melody.

She listened.
She listened and she knew.

We knew at that moment that just one night wouldn’t do.


I get lonely too.

(Every Day - David Levithan)

My most recent breakup taught me that I’ve been going about this love thing all wrong.

I spent all of my childhood and early adult life indulging in the fantasies of love that mass media portrays. I spent countless hours reading and watching stories of love and what it means to be in love, from which I learned what I thought to be “the right way to love”. I found that in every story there comes a point where the words “I need you to survive” are uttered or implied and in that moment love is actualized. 

But I am realizing that love isn’t about that at all… 

It’s not about being unable to breathe because the other person is your air. 

Love, to me now, is about finding someone who can hold their own but knows that everything is better with me around. It’s about enhancing a life, not giving purpose to it.

Love is not about giving another person a reason for their existence, it’s about enhancing the human experience of both parties.

In my opinion, the worst kind of exes…

are the ones that had nothing to say or offer when everything was coming crashing down… But suddenly decide to stand for something weeks, even months, after the rubble has settled.

Like, where were you when we were falling apart … and what makes you think any of this matters now?


Last Night || Spoken Word by Imani Thompson 

There are many stages to relationships in this life, this is the beginning. This is the story of last night, of the morning after what seemed like a miracle.

Without further ado, I present “Last Night”, one of my favorite works in my poetic arsenal.

Original Poem by Imani Thompson

Instrumental Backing - Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars

Test shots for my newest project for my poem “This Morning”. A new video is coming … Just wait on it.

I’ve sailed every inch of your being, slept with you in your essence, kissed your exposed soul and somehow I still find you to be a mystery.

(via poeticartillery)

The number one rule in relationships, from what I hear, is to never just leave.

Frank Ocean (via poeticartillery)

Missing someone you love is an everlasting flood of saltwater and sweet memories that have gone sour.

Unanswered “I love you” texts have a certain inexplicable sting of betrayal to them.

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