Happiness, Heartaches, and Everything in between

Words are my weapons of choice to fight the demons of life.

Appearance Never Triumphed over Intelligence.

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All it would take is one sentence. One sentence and I would run back to us.

I’m learning that love isn’t all rainbows and kisses. There’s a whole lot of rain clouds and umbrellas involved.

It’s easy to fall in love but there’s a heightened level of difficulty when it comes to staying in love.

The fairy tales don’t tell you that.

I miss everything while missing nothing at all.

Tired of small talking my way through the days.

Solitude is difficult.

Theres a fine line between healthy and unhealthy amounts of solitude.

Too little and you’ll essentially go crazy.
But, too much and you’re sure to do the same.

I found myself straddling that line today, caught between wanting to be with self and wanting to be surrounded by souls. 

It’s amazing how quickly life can throw curveballs when you don’t even know you’ve stepped to the plate.

All of a sudden things just shift. Everything changes. The person you couldn’t live without makes you do exactly that. Your world becomes a speck in a galaxy of infinities. Infinities become temporary and find an end. You lose love and find it, only to hold on tighter than ever hoping to never lose your grasp. 

Everything goes great … until it doesn’t. 

But that’s life. You always have to be prepared with a helmet for protection and a bat to fight back. 

I’m at a weird point in my life right now.
Somewhere between happy and unraveled.

There are things as of late that could be enough to make anyone happy, and once upon a time, would’ve been all I needed in order to feel purposeful. 

But here I am.

At the crossroads of life, between dark clouds and bright days.

Nothing brings things into perspective more than almost losing your forever.

Maybe it was naive of me to think I could love the hurt away,

that I could hug away the depression and kiss confidence into existence. 

I lied.

I still care.

I hate myself for doing so. 

You don’t deserve it, but I do. 

I still care.

I heard you were miserable… it made me smile.


If you would have told me a year ago that my life would be like this, I would’ve called your bluff. I never knew I could smile so big, laugh so hard, or be so happy.


We will pave
Milky Ways
with our love.


I fell in love at a very young age
and I fell hard
I even brought you home to Mommy
I wanted to know everything there was to know about you
Everything about anyone who ever knew you
I did whatever I could to find a way to your house
to be engulfed in your love
I wanted to be wherever you were,
Even though it felt like you were everywhere I went
It was a young love,
but it was deeper than any love I had ever come into contact with

But somewhere along the way,
I lost sight of you
I found myself in the fast lane of life and you fell to the wayside
I allowed myself to reprioritize you into the depths of my life
I still spoke to you,
but not as often
Usually just to beg and plead,
then later again to thank you

Times changed
I changed
Found out things about myself that people told me you wouldn’t like
They told me I had to change in order to be loved
That the love I “chose” wasn’t worthy of you
Angry and hurt,
I turned my back on you,
Just as I felt you did to me
I let shared acquaintances get in between us
Let others get in the way of our love
I misplaced my faith
and had no intentions of relocating it

But I stand here to say
God, I am sorry.
I regret ever letting you go
I know this goes without saying because you know my heart but,
I know it might be awhile before the love is as strong as it was at first but will try
I will do what I can to find my way back to you,
To your kingdom

Because I think I still love you,
and I think you still love me too

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