Happiness, Heartaches, and Everything in between

Words are my weapons of choice to fight the demons of life.

Appearance Never Triumphed over Intelligence.

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The difference between a good day and a bad day is you.

No one else matters.
No one else’s actions matter.
You can either look at all the good that took place or you can dwell on the bad.

Ask me about my day,
I could give you a long list of all the things that went wrong, but I’m not going to.
I would rather be happy, I’d rather tell you the few good things that made it all worthwhile.


Selfie Sunday.

Excerpts From My Journal (Written August 11th, 2014)

The first time I saw a tear trace the silhouette of your face, I’m ashamed to say I turned away. I trained my eyes away from you as tears vandalized your angelic silhouette. I cowardly turned the other cheek as if not seeing your pain would make it go away. Told myself it wasn’t my place to comfort you, it wasn’t my place to care… But I did. I didn’t know you then but I wanted to pull you in.

The second time I did exactly that; I caught a glimpse of you out the corner of my eye and without thinking, pulled you in. The cowardice quickly took over and that was it. I pulled you close enough to hold, but I didn’t. I just let you cry a little bit closer to me. I let you cry and later terrorized myself for it.

In the unfortunate event that a third time ever comes I will banish my cowardice like an intruder in a Lion’s den. I will hold you like Scar should’ve held his brother. I will kiss away the traces of sadness. I’ll wipe your tears until they grow tired of unsuccessfully falling. I will use myself as a shield from the bullets of your aggressors.

I will protect you.


On Friday you started looking at me differently.
By Saturday night it was apparent in the way you kissed me.
On Sunday, it all came together.
You looked at me like I was your favorite book and you couldn’t wait to read me cover to cover.
You kissed me goodbye and I swear it felt like an introduction into forever.
And I know,
I know you were a couple shots into a bottle of Henny when you said it but I love you too.
On Monday, your nails gliding across the nape of my neck when we kissed sent chills through my being.
In the early hours of Tuesday you called countless times,
often just to say a few words
and I didn’t care that you were interrupting my sleep because you’ve never felt like an intruder more like a child coming home in-between pick up games with life.
On Wednesday, I saw you with her.
Thursday, you asked for distance.
It’s Friday and you’re looking at me differently again,
this time as just a friend.

I’m falling but it feels a lot more like floating…

I don’t know what that means, but I do know that falling in love never sounded quite right to me. Love should be easy, it should be natural, there shouldn’t be a sudden crash. Love should be done in zero gravity, without limits. Everyone should just float into love.

Just two souls floating through galaxies of infinities.

Know your strengths, but be humble within them.

I’ve been feeling myself lately… can you tell? 💁💁

I can’t sleep, so I figured I should probably work on the video I should’ve released last month…


My name sounds like warm honey
dripping from your lips
Your voice does pirouettes, 
spinning, dancing in the alcoves
of my temporal lobe
it xylophones across my mind.
My Mine, 
you make three syllables sound like a lifetime

Day Eight: Three Turn Ons

  • TransparencyThe whole mystery thing doesn’t do much for me. I’m not saying I want transparency from the beginning, but the possibility of it is enough to keep me around. I’m not a fan of surprises when it comes in the form of all of a sudden seeing someone for who they really are after falling for the person they made me think they were. 
  • Loyalty. I’m sure this is self-explanatory. I have a history of people who leave, it would be wonderful to have some loyalty in my love life.
  • Self-Confidence.To put it painfully bluntly, that shit is sexy to me.

Day Seven: Four Turn Offs

  • Dishonesty.
  • Disrespect of any kind, towards anyone.
  • Lack of passion towards anything. (I fall in love with passion.)
  • Poor presentation of self. 


Day Six: Five People Who Mean A Lot To Me (In No Particular Order)

  • My grandma
  • My mommy
  • My little brother
  • My little sisters 
  • SMV

The still in the air 
won’t last much longer
it will be shaken by the reality
that this world of ours 
this world within these walls
isn’t the only world we are engulfed in
our Nirvana will stay
as we go
forced to live with it’s distant cousin, 

The still in the air 
it won’t last much longer
but I still want to lay here
because asleep beside me
is nothing short of beautiful, 
of the embodiment of the precise moment when dawn meets day

GOD conducts an orchestra of sunlight
as the rays of this morning
dance across our already sun kissed skin
tiptoeing across the plateau of her being, 
careful not to cause an early rising
we are left here together, 
beneath this amber ambiance 

I can hear my creator whispering, 
"Here she is, 
everything you’ve asked for, 
This is her, 
she’s fragile right now
so don’t put too much weight on it, 
instead just wait on it.”

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